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Phantom Anyone?


Mark Peterson took a test drive of the Phantom 45 HX and logs this.

Mark Peterson

Recently I was given the opportunity to demo a Phantom 45+10 from Tentpak. As a young man growing up near the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah, I'm no stranger to a hastily thrown together day hike in the hills. So my friend Joe and I went out to the South Hills in south central Idaho to do some hiking. He handed me the Phantom pack, some gear to carry, and off we went.

First thing I noticed was when I was packing the gear. There was plenty of space for extra clothing layers, a mess kit, food, water, fire starting materials, extra ammunition, and the tools we needed. And I still had room to put more in if I wanted.

As we started out up the mountain, the pack felt comfortable and almost like it was a part of me. When I moved, it moved with me and didn't slosh around. As an owner of an external frame pack, I know what it's like to have a pack that behaves like it an eight-year-old on a sugar high climbing on my back; so cumbersome and awkward. The Phantom has the organizational system and support straps that my external frame pack lacks.

As we got higher and higher in the hills, there was still a lot of snow on the ground and we were getting surrounded by clouds that were dropping snow. We stopped and set up a temporary camp and got a fire going. It gave me great confidence to know that I had a tent with me in case we ended up staying the night on the mountain. We were ready and we were prepared.

If I wasn't just a poor college student, I would definitely buy one of these, TODAY. Perhaps I'll talk my parents into an early Christmas gift.

Mark Petersen


Winter Camping in a TentPak


TentPak Alpine 70 Expedition Series Loves the Snow

Hey Mike:

Another field report.

The tent was amazing!!  We got it set up just  before it started snowing.  Set up in about 10 minutes. There were two of us inside which was comfortable but also put our sleeping bags and blankets up against the side walls of the tent.  I was a little  worried about moisture coming through, especially since the snow that  had fallen on the top was sliding down to the sides and accumulating. Despite my worry, the tent did a great job and we had zero problems with any water inside. 

Take down was easy too.  Because of the fly, the rest of the tent was dry and rolled right up inside the pack and with a few shakes the water came right off the fly and it also went easily into the pack.  Overall I am very impressed with the TentPak's performance, and ease of use.

I really like having everything all in one unit.  While all my friends had a duffle bag here, a sleeping bag over there, and somewhere a tent in a box, I had just one bag large enough to keep all my clothing, supplies, sleeping bag, pad, and a 4 season two person tent.  I  not only felt prepared for this trip, but I also felt confident in the event of an unseen disaster.  One pack with everything I need.

Thanks Mike,



Local Scout Leader Recommends TentPak


Hi Mike,

I am writing a letter about my TentPak.  I would recommend this to scouts. Why is that? Everything I need is all in one bag down to a rain fly for my pack. The pack has so many pockets and clips. I can hang anything from a cup to skis on it.

I have used it now that I am back from NOAC (National Order of the Arrow Conference, BSA) where I got it . I love it and I have so many friends that like it so much they have to get one.

I think the Starter Package is a great idea for scouts because its all-in-one plus a sleeping bag. No misplaced tents. I have nephews in Cub Scouts and are soon to be Boy Scouts. I have told my family about these packs and that they should buy them for the boys for Christmas.

Bill B.
Troop 55 Mansfield, MA

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