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What The Stuff TV

TentPak aired on the Outdoor Channel's "What The Stuff Outdoor Adventure"

We have 2 looks at this video.

TentPak on What the Stuff Outdoor Adventure TV TentPak Player version

TentPak on What the Stuff Outdoor Adventure TV YouTube version.


Swamp City Productions, the creators of "What the Stuff Outdoor Adventures" for the Outdoor Channel did a great job on this segment for TentPak. However, a point needs to be clarified.

Reasons for having your backpack and tent connected are to:

  1. Always insure the TentPak-er has emergency shelter available at a moments notice under any outdoor emergency condition.
  2. Provide a convenient all-in-one, grab-and-go package for any TentPak-er so they have their essential gear in one place whenever they want to head to the great outdoors,
  3. Provide the TentPak-er easy access to their tent from a convenient location in their backpack.

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