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Winter Survival - Helicopter Pilot Style

In Feb. (2010) Nick Gagnon from Vertical Magazine out of Canada took an Adrenalin 60E TentPak on a winter survival training course for helicopter pilots. His article was published in preparation for their upcoming winter season. Many thanks to Nick for his kind words about the Adrenalin 60 TentPak, which he now owns by the way. His specific comments about the TentPak are in a separate note at the bottom of his survival article.

Take a look at the full article and make some notes on your winter outdoor survival needs or even winter camping for that matter. For a detailed article on personal emergency preparation read our article about 72 hour kits.


Since publication of Nick's article in 2010, the Adrenaline 60 E has been replaced with the Everest 60 JL and Lightning 50 JL. The JL tent is a sil-nylon 3 season tent. Switching to the Everest 60 JL allowed us to shave 4 pounds from the total weight, which is critical for flying fixed wing or helicopter. The Lightning 50 JL is even lighter shaving 6 pounds from the Adrenalin 60 E weight. We will be introducing another 4 season tent soon that will also be lighter than the great E series tent Nick wrote about in this article.

While Nick's article is about winter crash survival, the information is relevant, in many respects, to any downed aircraft survival situation, so we decided to add this update and republish it.


An Apology - Kinda


Yesterday I wrote about the UPS rate increases we have been hit with. I started looking deeper and doing the shipping cost breakdowns of the boxes used for our slightly smaller units. As it turns out, the next smaller size box that we use is also the size break apparently for Dimensional Weight. When using that box we get to go by actual weight for shipping. Unfortunately, our most popular pack requires the larger box, which is charged under the Dimensional Weight system. I have to officailly leave the FREE Shipping threshold at $300 in order to pay those increased fees.




UPS, FedEx Shipping Rates Go Up


I opened up my e-notice from UPS today and saw another rate adjustment on a preveiously paid invoice. "What the heck is going on," I wondered. Following the links to research this new adjustment I find that my 15 pound shipment to a customer was no longer 15 pounds it was 34 pounds, dimensional weight.

The dirty little secret is that both UPS and FedEx are using dimensional weight now to juice their bottoms lines. A report I read said that one of these companies, and I wont mention which because it doesn't matter, netted an extra $100 million in profits with this little technique.

As a business owner I am all about profits. I am not about dealing unfairly or unscrupulously with my customers, however. It is my opinion that this move, which became fully implemented on December 31, 2012, not only shows disregard for their customers but is more like a clerk putting a finger on the scales at the local butcher.

All of our TentPaks and Zombie Apocalypse Paks ship in boxes that are up to 14"x14"x28" and weigh, with the shipping carton, from 10 pounds for our lightest units to 15 pounds, for our largest package.

Never mind actual weight, from here on out I will be charged the 34 pound rate to send you a 10 to 15 pound package.  Sarcastic comment about honesty and integrity not typed in. So my dear friends, effective immediately, I am forced to alter our FREE Shipping policy from $200 to $300, for which I truly apologize.

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