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Is Your Shelter Built Into Your Backpack?

TentPak™ is a backpack with a built-in backpacking tent for outdoor recreation, emergency kits, or even the Zombie Apocalypse.

TentPak is a dual purpose backpacking system. TentPak's main purpose is to provide shelter for an outdoor emergency. You'll more than likely use your TentPak for outdoor activities, however. Many TentPakers use theirs for:
  • High adventure Scout camps
  • Backcountry trekking
  • Canoeing trips
  • Hunting and fishing expeditions
  • Some are even used for air crash survival packs

By having your tent built right into your backpack you accomplish two things.

  1. You always have quick access to your tent. It is conveniently packed for a sudden rainstorm or camp setup at the end of the day.
  2. The most important tangible element of emergency survival, your shelter, is always with you.

When you get home from camping restock your TentPak with 3 or more days worth of your normal camping supplies: water, clothing, a good first aid kit, sleeping bag, fire starter and food. Take emergency training courses as well. All together this will turn your "fun" TentPak into a top notch emergency ready TentPak. Same equipment - different purpose.

Whether preparing against an accident in the back country or for moving your family away from an on coming natural or man-made disaster, TentPak will provide the shelter and carry the gear you need to help keep you safe.

Outdoor Enthusiasts are Excited About TentPak!

"I have reviewed the product and find it to be of exceptional quality. . . . Your TentPak appears to be the kind of outdoor goods that can take the rough handling and regular use that avid outdoor users demand."
Kevin O. / Tulsa, Oklahoma / Outdoor Expert

"This backpack system was just perfect for me. It was heaven on my back."
Betsy W. / Pensacola, Florida / 2009 BSA-NOAC

"With the tent built in I didn't even have to think about it until I needed it."
Adam B. / Provo, Utah / Avid Hiker and Camper

Rugged   Lightweight   Easy to Use

TentPak Systems, Ltd., Burley, Idaho

Telephone: (801) 472-1218   E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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TentPak™ and ZOMBIE Apocalypse Pak™ are Trademarks of TentPak Systems, Ltd.


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