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The "Tent Built Into a Backpack" Backpack

Light Weight - Rugged - Easy to Use

Simply roll your tent out of the bottom of the back pack and set up camp!

For over 5 years TentPak has been the only patented, fully integrated, tent-backpack system on the market.

Designed to provide a fully self contained tent within a high quality backpack, TentPak and the new Zombie Apocalypse Pak have been used on hiking trips, as small aircraft emergency crash bags,  on hunting trips and as 72 hour kits or emergency bug out bags. Almost anywhere a tent and a backpack are needed a TentPak will fit in.

The built in 3 or 4 season tent is permanently housed in the bottom compartment of the backpack leaving plenty of room in the rest of the pack for your normal camping gear or emergency supplies.

Never be caught in an outdoor "situation" without shelter. Get a TentPak or Zombie Apocalypse Pak today.


Watch how easy it is to setup a TentPak.

Join us on Youtube for other instructional videos.

TentPak™ and ZOMBIE Apocalypse Pak™ are built of high grade backpacks and tents for your backcountry camping expedition, your through hike, your hunt or as your Emergency Bug Out Bag. So that you are never without shelter your tent is built into your backpack. Go to our shop and take a look around.

TentPak Systems, Ltd., 1511 Almo Ave., Burley, Idaho 83318

Telephone: (801) 472-1218   E-mail: sales@tentpak.com

Follow Us at TentPak

TentPak™ and ZOMBIE Apocalypse Pak™ are Trademarks of TentPak Systems, Ltd.


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